Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 59 - Summary

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      On the road coming out of the western gate of the old great city of Wintoncestor, two persons were walking rapidly. They had emerged upon this road from a narrow wicket in the high wall of a huge hideous building. They were Angel and Liza. Their pale faces seemed to have shrunk to half their natural size. Hand in hand without speaking a word they were ascending the Great West hill. When they reached the top, they turned and waited. For something terrible to happen.

      At last, Angel and Liza saw that from the middle of that building below an ugly blot emerged. They were concerned only with this blot. Upon the cornice of the tower, a tall staff was fixed. Their eyes were fixed on this staff. The blot was visible at the top of it. A few minutes after, when the clock struck, something moved slowly and the blot was extended. It was a black flag; the symbol of someone’s departure from this world. Tess was hanged. The President of the Immortals had done justice and had ended his sport with her. The two gazers bent themselves down and prayed for the peace for Tess’s soul. For a pretty long time their heads remained bowed, their bodies motionless. When they raised their eyes from the ground, the flag was still smiling upon its victory.

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