Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 52 - Summary

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      Since they corrupted the village girls, they were not provided the free coach as the other families were. They had to hire one cart. Early in the morning after getting their food prepared, they set out in the cart for Kingsbere. By arranging bedsteads and the beddings, a kind of circular rest was prepared in the cart for the children. Tess walked on foot with the cart. On the way she met with Marian and Izz who had also left FlintComb-Ash before the completion of the term and were at that time on a similar journey. After some formal talks they took their respective ways.

      When they reached the outskirts of the village of their forefathers a messenger came to welcome them by telling them that the rooms they had reserved were let out because they had not paid the rent in advance. It was the greatest problem which they had ever faced. The Carter wanted to go back at once; and therefore his cart should be emptied. But where? At last the furniture and other articles were unloaded by the wall of the family Church of the d’Urbervilles. Leaving Tess, to care for the children. Liza and her mother went out to see what was available to live and to eat.

      After making some arrangements for the children, Tess began to wander in the Church and came across Alec who had come to fulfill his will. As she asked him to go away he became more and more impertinent. He, then, told that he would go after seeing her mother. Tess knew that this was bad, because she would yield and less did not want to have his help even at a cost of life.

      Somehow, Marian had come to know the history of Tess’s relations with Alec. They also feared that if Angel did not turn up in time something really terrible might occur. They wrote from their new place to Angel that he should look after his wife because an enemy was after her in the guise of friend and that a woman should not be tested beyond her strength.

The letter started on its long journey.

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