Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 49 - Summary

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      Tess had written a letter to Clare. According to the order of Angel these letters were sent to him through his father.

      Clare and Mrs. Clare were talking to each other. Clare said that his son would come back from Brazil.

      Mrs. Clare was saying that two sons were quite happy, but the third son being a farmer lost all happiness in life. He married a girl of an agricultural family which did not prove happy. For this marriage, they held themselves responsible.

      At this very time, Clare was going with one of his friends on a journey. He was not happy in Brazil. One day he was seriously ill, therefore he gave up the idea of agriculture. The movement which was raging itself in England was quite wrong. Hundreds of farmers were spending their lives there quite miserably.

      Mentally, Clare was quite old. He began to give great importance to motives in life. He had no belief in morality. He used to ask who the moral man was. The beauty of character had no connection with it. This is connected with tendencies, propensities, and good-will.

      Therefore according to this new principle, Tess did not seem to him vicious. Me remembered her often and thought that he had committed mistake in divorcing Tess.

      Clare was traveling with an English friend on a mule. Both of them had been depressed mentally. Both of them talked about their homes. Hence both of them had self-confidence. His friend had traveled in many countries, therefore his mind was quite broad. He thought that narrow prejudices and view points were wrong. His definite view was that Angel’s behavior towards Tess was inhuman.

      The next day both of them got drenched in the rain. Angel’s friend suffered from fever and he died at the end of the week. Clare performed his burial and he proceeded onwards. After the death of his friend, his words were ringing in his ears. His narrow ideas gave him much sorrow. Sorrow took deep root in his heart. Tess loved him extremely. He began to remember the days of his marriage with her. He began to imagine the organs of her body. Thus from a critic of Tess, he became an admirer.

      He used to say quite insulting words regarding her. Now he understood the worth of Tess. He became quite tolerant towards d’Urberville. Love had conquered him again.

      Tess was spending quite miserable life. She used to sing old ballads of England. She had no consciousness of night, day, cold or heat. One day when she was in her room, she saw a tall girl in her room and said to her surprisingly, “Lizalu.”

      Lizalu had come to her. She informed Tess that her mother was quite ill in the village. Her father too was not well. Tess was in a serious trouble. She prepared something for Lizalu and decided to go to her village the same night. She told Marian and Izz Huett that they should request the farm owner of the farm about her sudden departure. She kept some necessary articles in the basket and started towards the village with Lizalu.

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