Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 40 - Summary

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      At the breakfast, the topic of discussion was Brazil. The members of the whole family were hopeful about the plan of Angel. In Brazil, there were possibilities of farming, although a large number of laborers was coming back. After the breakfast, Clare went to the town. On his return, he met Mercy Chant. She was carrying a large number of Bibles. Her character was quite strange. The incidents which create sadness and jealousy, gave Chant great happiness. She had given up human approach and accepted mystical ideas. She knew that he was going out of England, and liked his Brazil scheme very much.

      After this, they began to talk on Christianity. Angel spoke sacrilegious thoughts into her ear. Chant was very much surprised. Clare said, “I am a bit mad.”

      Clare went to the Church. He deposited thirty pounds in the bank, with the instruction that this amount be sent to Tess. He did not want to give the address of his parents to Tess.

      Before leaving England, they had to go to Well-Bridge, where he had spent three days after the wedding. He had to return the keys and pay the rent. On entering the room, old memories were revived. He began to remember his living with her. He met lzz Huett there. She said, “I have come to see you.”

      Clare replied that they were not living there, and asked which way she was going. Izz was going to Talbothays. Therefore she was ready to go with Clare in this carriage. On the way, Clare told her that he was going to Brazil from England. Then he enquired of other women. A little farther, Izz Huett said that it was the place of her parting from Clare.

      Angel slowed the horse and said to Izz, “I don’t want to live with Tess. Do you want to go with me. Huett was ready to accompany him.” They were going forward in the carriage. Clare was silent. He was listening to the words, “Tess was sacrificing her life to you but I cannot do so.” He turned his carriage and said to her, “Now I do not want to take you with me.” Huett said, “I do not care.” Then Clare talked about Marian.

      After parting from Huett, Clare was going to his destination. He passed through the regions where Tess had lived. He was thinking about Tess. From this place, he went to London in the train. After five days he left for Brazil. On the port, his brother bade him farewell.

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