Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Chapter 32 - Summary

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      Continuously for many a days Tess was lost in this penitential mood. She wanted to tell but the matter disappeared when it reached at the tip of her tongue. Angel went on increasing the force in pressing her to fix the date of marriage. She resisted much but could not pull on, the same situation longed but, one day she had to yield. But they were the circumstances who were responsible for it. The cows were going dry one by one. As the new day came, some or the other cow was sent for calving. Mr. Crick had now very little work in the dairy. Therefore he had told the milkers that from the next month they should manage for themselves. Angel told Tess that the dairyman no more wanted his services and therefore before he leaves for the flour mills, he should be married. Tess knew that when others would be relieved she would also be relieved and then it would become very difficult for her to find any other job. Marriage would prove very convenient but should she deceive a godly person for convenience? The answer was again lost in the nullity.

      At last, she agreed and New Year’s Eve was fixed for the marriage.

      Angel told her the cause of his impatience. He wanted to go to a very distant land either in England or outside her. But before his departure, he had to learn the flour-mills work and then had to show his bride to his mother. He also told her that she would be pleased to know the place where sometimes back the d’Urbervilles lived. At the same time when Angel was advancing with a very swift speed in the future, poor Tess was lagging behind in her unforgettable past: both were away from the present.

      The publication of banns is always necessary for the marriage. There are three banns, each is published on a Sunday. So to complete them in time the couple should begin with the work three Sundays before the marriage-eve. The first Sunday slipped unknowingly. One of her companions Izz told her about that. Tess became very sad, as it was a bad beginning. But Angel informed her that he had obtained a license and therefore banns that somebody would reveal her secret when her name would be called in the Church. To Tess it seemed that luck was favoring her. But Angel had done it for his own convenience.

      Angel had gone to purchase the wedding robes and other articles for the marriage. Tess was lost in her reserved mood. A song was tuning itself in her mind. This was often sung by her mother.

That never would become that wife.
That had once done amiss.

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