Parbati: Character Analysis in The Novel Coolie

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      Parbati is another minor woman character like Lakshmi and Lady Todar Mal. The major woman characters are Bibi Uttam Kaur and Mrs. Mainwaring. The former makes Munoo’s life a hell and the latter most probably ends this life.

      Parbati, on the other hand, is a good wife of a good man Seth Prabha Dayal. She gives Munoo love of a mother and wants his good all the while. He works in the factory of Prabha Dayal and when he is laid up with fever and sore eyes, she nursed him tenderly and took good care of him. She sits beside him and eases the throbbing at the back of his head by pressing it with her hands with a constant, soft, movement. She presses his swollen and heated body and gives him relief by heart and Munoo suddenly remembers his mother who used to utter: “May I be your sacrifice. May I die for you. May I suffer instead of you”. She bears a good character of motherhood in her treatment to Munoo.

      Parbati is also a very good wife and lives unseparated from her husband, Seth Prabha Dayal. She is happy in her state of ownership of a factory but when they are deprived of their status, they both leave for the hills from where they had come. It is quite true that she will be remembered for her ‘wisdom of the heart’ and the novelist also considers this value more valuable than any amount of intelligence.

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