Glenda Adams: Contribution as Australian Novelist

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      Glenda Emilie Adams (1940-2007) Australian novelist and short-story writer, born and educated in Sydney. She studied languages at the University of Sydney, before traveling first to Indonesia and then settling in New York In 1964, where she studied creative writing at Columbia University. Adams taught fiction writing in New York and traveled in Europe, remaining an expatriate until her return to Sydney in 1990. Adams has written several novels, including.

      The Tempest of Clemenza (1996), Longleg (1990), Dancing on Coral (1987) and Games of the Strong (1982), in addition to two collections of short stories, The Hottest Night of the Century (1979) and Lies and Stories (1976). She has won several major Australian literary prizes, including the 1987 Miles Franklin and New South Wales Premier's awards for Dancing on Coral, and the 1991 Banjo Award and 1990 Age Book of the Year Award for Longleg. Adams has written in both naturalistic and highly stylized modes, with Games of the Strong and some stories from The Hottest Night of the Century using experimental and allegorical forms. These elements are uncomfortably combined in her novel, The Tempest of Clemenza, which follows the emotional relationship of a mother and her dying adolescent daughter as they pursue their lives in the USA, while at the same time telling a gothic and highly layered tale of the mother's own upbringing in Australia.

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