Dr. Prem Chand: Character Analysis in The Novel Coolie

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      Dr. Prem Chand known as ‘Chota Babu’ is the younger brother of Babu Nathoo Ram, the only true friend of Munoo in Babu Nathoo Ram’s house. Dr. Prem Chand by profession is a doctor. His attitude towards Munoo is very soft and caring. He is kind and sympathetic. He always saves Munoo from Mrs. Uttam Kaur’s cruelty It is he only who cures Munoo of his pain and wound when he is injured in a fight with the other boy servants. He has a very charming personality. Bibiji and Babu looked down upon Munoo and treat him as a beast save Dr. Premchand who behaves with him as though he is a human being. It is in the company of the Chota Babu that Munoo had some moments of peace and happiness. Prem Chand is fond of music and keeps a gramophone. So, he lets the inquisitive servant to listen to the music and even tolerates his monkey dance.

      Humour plays a very important role in his character. He is always jolly and playful. He cracks jokes with Munoo. He is very witty and this is reflected in his conversation with everybody. His sense of humour sometimes abated the embarrassing situation. For instance when everybody laughs at Munoo and Bibiji and Babu were all awarding curses because Munoo had relieved himself outside the kitchen. Babu Prem Chand said with laughing and teasing that, because he did not want to do it in his loin-cloth. Then Bibiji would have had to wash those for him. As it is, the sweeper will be here soon.

      Prem Babu is a self-respecting person. He is dignified in his behavior. He has a modern outlook. It is matter of fact that he never cringes and flatters Mr. England as his elder brother does all the time.

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