Charlotte Maria Tucker: Contribution as English Author

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      A. L. O. E. (A Lady of England) Charlotte Maria Tucker (1821-1893) is a English writer of hymns, poetry and evangelical fiction never married, living in her parents home until 1869 and with a brother until 1875. She spent the remaining eighteen years of her life as a missionary in India. Only beginning to publish her writings after her father's death in 1851, she nevertheless produced over 140 works. A gifted linguist, she translated some of these titles into Urdu and Punjabi as aids to her mission work. Some of her books, for example Battling With the World (1904), are conventional stories about Christian children combating adversity. Such books are full of improving conversations and biblical quotations. However, the best of her writing is allegorical in nature. One such allegory is The Crown of Success: or, Four Heads to Furnish (1862), an often-amusing tale in which four children are each left to furnish a room whilst their mother is out. The rooms in question are, metaphorically, the 'four heads' of the title.

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