Babu Nathoo Ram: Character Analysis in The Novel Coolie

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      Babu Nathoo Ram is an insignificant character who is neither a man of self-respect nor a man of importance in his own house. He is dominated by his wife. He is always at his wife’s beck and call.

      Babu Nathoo Ram is a typical middle class clerk during the British regime. He is a sub-accountant in the Sham Nagar branch of Imperial Bank, and his name-plate proudly announces it. He cringes and flatters his boss to gain favour with his English officer, with the single aim of attaining promotion. That is the purpose for which he invites Mr. W.P. England to his house and wants to please him by all means. But W.P. England is not a corrupt person and he said that he could not do anything for him regarding his promotion.

      Babu Nathoo Ram is just a puppet in the hands of his wife. She provokes him to beat Munoo and he beats him at the instigation of his wife, Bibi Uttam Kaur.

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