The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 35 - Summary

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      While the ship was entering England it wrecked and the nun drowned in English water. The nun is requested by the poet not to forget the English people but remember them when she is on her way to the heaven. The heaven is a reward for her and she can enjoy the blessings of eternal peace. As the sun unfolds itself and imparts a rich crimson glow to the sky so Christ should cheer and enlighten the hearts of the people. He must rise in their hearts. Hopkins loves England very much and he appeals to the English people to be aware of Christ who should be worshipped and welcomed like a hero and a prince. He commands respect and he controls all the noble ideas and purposes of the people. So people should whole-heartedly embrace which in other words means people should take inspiration from the death of the nun and be ready to accept the Roman Catholic faith as he himself had done.

Line by Line Analysis

At our door.....Drowned: Deutschland drowned in English waters.

Our shoals: the sand bank in Thames, a river in England.

Remember us in the roads: Hopkins asks nun not to forget the English people while on the way to heaven.

heaven: a comfortable place which will be rewarded to nun for her efforts.

Our king back, oh, upon English souls: The poet pleads the nun’s soul to pray for the English people so that they may accept the Roman Catholic faith.

A Crimson cresseted east: Let Christ rise in the hearts of Englishmen. As the sun rises in the east, Christ rises at Easter to a new life.

More brightening her: Christ should brighten the whole England.

Pride, rose, prince.....high priest: These are all addressed to Christ who according to the poet is the hero, the prince or the high priest.

Our heart's charity's hearth’s fire: Christ is too generous and is like a fire of charity.

Our thoughts chivalry's throng’s Lord: Chivalry means noble purposes. Christ is considered as the Lord of all noble aims.

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