The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 26 - Summary

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      Here Hopkins paints a different picture. The Nature’s fury subsides. The sight cheers all. The downy breasted fog suddenly disappears. The sky radiates and its blue color fascinates and enchants. The stones give a soft look and in the darkness of the night, these glittering stones create a positive mood. All these spectacles of Nature have an ethereal quality. The poet also asks whether heaven is something else not yet witnessed and experienced by anybody.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-4: For how to.....peeled May: The poet thinks that the sight must be cheering to the heart of nun. When fog hugging close to earth disappears and the sky becomes clear and acquires a double color.

down dugged: downy-breasted

grey: mist,

Hovers off: vanishes

the jay-blue heavens: The sky having the color of joy. After the fog disappeared the sky started acquiring a mixed color as the sky looks in the month of May.

Lines 5-7: Blue beating.....the heaven of desire

Blue beating: Blue sky

The sky looks radiating with its blue color. In the night the stars in the Milky way glitter and give a soft look.

Line 8: The treasure.....for the heaving: According to Hopkins the beauty of heaven is something yet to be seen or heard by anyone. The poet asks the readers in order to know about their concepts regarding heaven and asks if those are different from what he himself has imagined or depicted.

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