The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 22 - Summary

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      Here is a comparison between number of nuns and the number of wounds on Christ’s body. The number of nuns becomes symbolic in view of the same number of wounds on Christ’s body at the time of crucifixion. Man created the wounds and there is an inner significance which means it was the sacrifice for a holy purpose. The noble was to bring back the humanity to a right path and redeem the entire mankind. Likewise, Christ also shows similar concern to those whom he loves and inflicts pain. So he takes them away prematurely. By meditating intensely on Christ one can experience the similar wounds. The lamb is a symbol of blood sacrifice and the red-rose is the traditional Christian emblem that represents Christ’s wounds of sacrifice.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-2: Five! the finding.....Christ: Five means five nuns which also symbolize the five marks of wounds on Christ’s body at the time of the Crucifixion. Cipher: symbol, mark. The followers can find and discover Christ by his wounds.

Lines 3-4: Mark, the mark.....Sacrificied: The poet wants the reader to mark this sign. Mark has been used first as a verb and then as a noun. Man has created the five wounds but the wounds have a hidden meaning. It means the wounds were for the sacrifice.

Scarlet: The colour of blood. But Christ has a specific purpose for these five nuns. He inflicts pain and subjects some people to sufferings, whom he considers dear to them. His favorites become his victims, but for a divine and glorious purpose.

His own bespoken: his few chosen and selected persons.

Lines 7-8: Stigma.....rose-flake: Stigma has a positive sense and can differentiate the good from the evil. It refors to the wounds that St. Francis of Assisis developed on his body quite similar to Christ.

Cinque: Five

Lamb: A symbol of sacrifice. Christ’s crucifixion or sacrifice won’t go in waste. Red ‘rose’ stands as a symbol of martyrdom which can be clearly marked on Christ’s body.

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