The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 2 - Summary

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      Though the poet was subjected to miseries and misfortunes but the poet didn't deny or reject it but simply he embraced his own predicament. The poet is undergoing a thorough and intense struggle of spiritual conflicts and he doesn't give expression to it but rather feels God can realize even though the poet doesn’t utter. God remembers his condition the moments the poet has undergone when in the hours of loneliness only prayer was the only source of consolation. He has spent sleepless nights praying before God and his heart has fainted with grief. To the poet, it appeared with grief. To the poet, it appeared as if God hurled him down. It pained him and he felt a terrible strain in his midriff which seemed to have pierced with the fire of a divine pressure.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-2: I did.....lashed rod: “The lighting and lashed rod” means the divine wrath and poet has recognized God’s presence.

Lines 3-4: Thou hardest....O God: God’s terror can hardly be expressed by the poet’s tongue. Though He is perfectly aware of the terror that He has aroused in his heart.

Lines 5-6: Thou knowest.....trod: God is fully aware of the spiritual experiences that the poet has undergone. In his solitude he had prayed throughout the night to God before the altar and his heart sought relief but didn’t get, it only fainted with grief. He feels as if God has hurled him down.

Lines 7-8: Hard down.....of stress: Poet has been thrown from a great height by God who trampled upon him. The poet felt an acute pressure in his midriff and felt as if it was pierced. The poet says that his predicament is known to his master, Christ.

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