The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 19 - Summary

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      Among the five nuns who were on board the ship, the chief nun becomes, the focus of attention and this passenger refers to her. The voice that was heard was the appeal of the nun to her master Christ, who is the master of all. Though death was dancing everywhere and the furious sea waves were creating an atmosphere of horror and terror, but to the nun it was effectless. She didn’t seem to be perturbed by this nature’s fury but she had the clear glimpse of her master Christ. She started addressing Him. Her voice was clear and audible. The tumultuous storm couldn’t silence her voice. Men clinging to the masts and ropes could hear the nun.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-4: Sister, a sister.....sloggering brime: ‘Sister’ refers to the chief nun among the five nuns. In the time of crisis, the chief nun started crying to her master Christ. Christ is also his master. The seas were roaring louder.

Swirling and bawling: waves moving rapidly and making loud noises.

Sloggering brine: the salt water of the seas blowing heavily. The salty water of the sea was agitating tumultuously which blinded her.

Lines 5-6: Blinds divine: But inspite of all these the chief nun could clearly see Christ in the rough weather. Her attention was only on Christ. She gradually raised herself to the divine.

Lines 7-8: Ears.....storm’s brawling: The towering voice of the chief nun rose above the storm and men who were clinging to the ropes could hear the nun.

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