The Wreck of the Deutschland: Stanza 12 - Summary

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      It was Saturday when the ship (Deutschland) embarked on its journey towards the port of Bremen. It was headed for a foreign destination from where it would head towards America. The member of persons on the ship was nearly two hundred including the crew numbers, men, women emigrants and exiles. They had the intention to settle down. But unfortunately, the ship was not under the divine protection and no passenger had any doubt that the ship would meet a tragic accident causing death and destruction. Neither they had any idea that the fourth of them will be doomed to death. Blit God is all-merciful who had infinite mercy on them and bound them together.

Line by Line Analysis

Lines 1-4: On Saturday.....souls in the round: It was on Saturday that the Deutschland ship started its sailing from the Bremen port. The ship had to go to America after touching the port of Southampton of England. The passengers on board wanted to settle down in America which included sailors, men and women. The number of persons was two-hundred.

Lines 5-6: be drowned: The ship didn’t have the protection because it was not faithful to God. The feathers of God didn’t provide protection nor did anybody have an idea that this was going to be drowned or it would get stuck in a sandbank.

Lines 7-8: Yet did the dark even them in: But He is very kind-hearted and he showed his kind-heartedness to these passengers. But this mercy of God was not kind but harsh and heartless. The all-embracing kindness of God bound all of them together.

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