The Jackal and The Lion - Panchatantra Stories

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In a jungle, there lived a couple, a lion and lioness. One day, the lioness gave birth to two male cubs. Therefore the lion would go out hunting and when he had killed the prey, he would bring it home and present it to the lioness.

However, one day, he wandered everywhere in search of food but all in vain. Meanwhile, the sun set. As he was returning home, the lion came across a baby jackal. He did not kill him because he was only a baby. Catching hold of him carefully in his teeth, he took him home and presented him to his wife.

“My dear,” said the lioness, “have you brought some food?”

“Dearest,” replied the lion, “I was unable to catch anything today except this jackal.” I thought to myself, ‘It’s only a baby, and belonging to our caste too, so I did not kill him, for they say, “Never attack an ascetic, a Brahmin, a child or a woman Or, in particular, someone who trusts you.” So, I have brought him home alive. However, you can eat him and manage for today. Tomorrow I shall secure some other prey.’

My dear, said the lioness, you wouldn’t kill this baby, so how could I kill him and feed myself? As they say, ‘Even when one’s life is in danger, It is not proper to forget one’s obligations, And so commit a sin.’ “This is our ancient religion. And so, I won’t kill him but I shall look after him as my third son.”

Thus, she began to feed the baby jackal on her own milk and soon he became fat.

The three babies began to grow up together without realizing any difference between them and spent their childhood playing the same games. ‘One day, a wild elephant appeared on the scene. When they saw him, the two lion cubs rushed forward furiously to attack him but the young jackal said, “Stop! He is an enemy of our species. Don’t go near him!” And with these words, he ran home.

The lion cubs also got discouraged because of their cowardice.

When the two cubs returned home, they told their parents, laughing, about their elder brother’s behavior.

The young jackal heard this, he got very excited. His lips quivered, his eyes grew red, furrows appeared on his forehead and he began to reprove the two cubs harshly. ‘The lioness took him aside and said to him, “My dear, don’t talk like that, After all, they are your younger brothers.” But the young jackal became still more angry and he said to her, “Am I in any way inferior to them in bravery, looks, education or intelligence, that they should ridicule me? I shall certainly kill them!”

When the lioness heard this, she smiled within herself and, to save his life, she said to the young jackal, “My son, it’s true you are brave, good looking, intelligent and well-educated, but no elephants are killed in the family you were born in. You are actually the son of a jackal, but I took pity on you and brought you up, giving you my milk. Now, before the cubs recognize you to be a jackal, go away from here and return to your own clan or they will kill you.”

On hearing this, the young jackal became frightened, fled from the place and joined his own clan.

Moral of The Story ‘And so,’ continued the king, ‘that’s why I say, that you would do better to run away from here, because if these warriors recognize you to be a potter, they would ridicule you and kill you.’

Now the potter heard this, he immediately lift the palace. “And so,” continued the monkey, “that’s why I said - A hypocrite with little intelligence, who, forgetting his own interests, Speaks the truth, Will never succeed in achieving his objectives, Just like Yudhisthir, the potter? You undertook to do this for the sake of your wife. A man should not be a slave to his wife. As Vararuchi said, ‘In what way doesn’t a man, do what a woman asks him to do? On her request, He neighs like a horse and shaves his head at ot odd times.’

“How was that?” asked the crocodile. And the monkey told this story. SLAVE OF WIFE

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