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In a certain town, there lived a dog, Chitrang. Once, there was famine in the land and, due to scarcity of food, the dogs along with the other animals began to starve; some even died.

Chitrang couldn’t put up with such conditions any longer and he left for a foreign country.

There, in a certain town, because of the negligence of a rich lady householder, he could get into the house everyday and feed himself on various kinds of food, to his heart’s content.

But no sooner would he come out, than out of spite, the other dogs would surround him and bite him all over his body with their sharp teeth.

So then, he thought to himself, ‘Oh, it’s far better to be in one’s own country and live in peace and quiet, in spite of famine! I’m going home!’

He returned to his own country.

“When he arrived there, his relatives gathered around him and plied him with questions, ‘Chitrang! Tell us the news about the foreign land! What is the country like? How did the people behave? What kind of food do they eat? What do they trade in?

‘What can I say about it?’ replied chitrang. ‘In foreign countries, the women are careless and leave all the doors open. One gets wonderful varieties of food to eat. But there is one disadvantage. Your own kith and kin torment you to death.’

When the crocodile heard the monkey’s good advice, he made up his mind to fight the other crocodile to the death and, taking leave of his friend, he returned home.

He fought his enemy bravely and killed him. He recovered his home and thereafter lived happily.

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