Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 648-692 - Summary

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      Eve hesitates for a moment, when Satan leads her to the Tree of Knowledge. She feels she has walked there in vain for Adam and she has been told that eating the fruit of this tree will only bring them death.

      To impress Eve, Satan first calls the Tree as sacred, wise and knowledge giving. Then addressing Eve as the Queen of Universe he asks her not to be afraid of death. How can she die after eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, for he has not died even after tasting it. Rather it gives life and knowledge and he has gained clarity of perception and a more perfect life than he was fated to by the power of the fruit. Cleverly he expresses indignation at the injustice of God, who allows animals like him to eat the fruit, while forbidding the more superior beings, Adam and Eve, to eat it under the dire penalty of death. He further says that the petty trespass of eating the fruit will not provoke God’s ire and Eve will be unharmed even if she tastes the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

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