Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 404-411 - Summary

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      This is perhaps the most poignant moment in Paradise Lost. Eve has departed from Adam, promising to be back before noon and get ready their midday repast (Food). Milton makes something like a choric comment on the situation. “Event perverse” means an event the outcome of which was the opposite of what was expected. Thus poor, unfortunate Eve is greatly deluded in promising Adam that she will be back to share the mid-day meal with him. For Eve is never again to enjoy any peace or food in Paradise. She will never again have there a sweet repast or refreshing sleep. It is because a terrible and cunning enemy waits for her among sweet flowers and shady groves to assault her and rob her of her innocence and purity, of bliss and faith in God. He is ready to intercept her, tempt and seduce her because of hellish bitterness against God which fills his mind and which made him wreak his revenge on God through mankind.

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