Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 114-123 - Summary

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      As in Book IV Satan sees all the delights of Paradise, without being himself delighted in the least. In looking for a place to hide he observes the beauty of the hills, valleys, seas, forests, shores, rocks, caves and dens in Paradise. But his passion for revenge prevents him from gladly walking across Paradise with its many pleasures. The pleasant scene offers him no joy for he cannot find a place of shelter, nor a refuge to live in away from the wrath of God. His hatred is further fuelled by the beauty of Paradise for it was made by the creator for the exclusive use of Man who had taken the place of Satan and the fallen angels. He could experience no joy even in Heaven, unless he could overthrow Heaven’s Supreme God, Himself. The greater pleasures of Heaven would only enhance his inner pain further.

      His only joy now is in executing revenge. Satan feels impotent rage as he cannot harm God directly but he looks forward to hurting God by the ruin of His favorite creature, Man.

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