The Two Swans and The Turtle - Panchatantra Stories

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Somewhere in a lake, there lived a turtle, by the name of Kambugriv. Two swans, whose names were Sankata and Vikata, were her friends.

Every day, the three of them would go to the bank of the lake and tell each other stories about holy saints and hermits, and then go back home after sunset.

“After a few years, that part of the land had no rain and bit by bit, the lake began to dry up.

“The two swans were worried about it and said to the turtle, “This lake is becoming mud. We are worried as to how we will be able to survive here, without water.”

“My friends,” replied the turtle, “it’s quite true that it’s impossible to stay here. But we will find some way out, because even in bad times, a man should not lose hope, for by making an effort, he can certainly find a solution.’ “First look for a lake full of water. Then find a strong stick or a rope from somewhere. I shall hold on tight with my mouth to the middle of the stick and you can hold the ends and carry me like this, to the lake.”

“Friend,” replied the swans, “We’ll do what you suggest, but while we’re flying, you mustn’t open your mouth to speak, or you will fall off the stick!”

Afterward they carried out this plan. When they had flown some distance, the turtle saw below, a town.

The townspeople looked up and saw something being carried in the sky. They said to each other, full of admiration, “Look at that! Those birds are carrying a round thing!”

The turtle heard the commotion, she opened her mouth to ask, “what’s all that noise about!” she opened her mouth to speak, and she fell down to the earth. There the people hacked her to pieces continued the female tittibha, ‘that’s why I said, “those who refuse to follow me advice of friends who wish them well have to supper. Like the foolish turtle who fell off the stick.” And the people who depend on the luck are destroyed as Yadbhavishy was destroyed, by the fishermen.”

‘How was that?’ asked the male tittibha. And his wife again told him this story. THREE FISHES

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