The Crocodile and The Monkey - Panchatantra Stories

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On a sea beach, there was a big Jambu tree, which bore fruit throughout the year. In that tree, there lived a Monkey known as Raktamukh.

One day, a Crocodile known as Karalamukh, who lived in a creek, came and sat under the tree. The monkey seeing him spoke with these words, “You are my guest. Please accept this sweet nectareous fruit of the Jambu tree.

The monkey gave him the Jambu fruit. When he had devoured it, the crocodile chatted with the monkey for a long time and finally went home.

In this way, sitting under the shade of the Jambu tree, the crocodile and the monkey used to spend their time together, devouring the Jambu fruit and talking pleasantly.

After the crocodile had his fill, he would take home what was left over, for his wife also.

One day, his wife said to him, “Darling! Where do you get such sweet nectareous fruit everyday?”

“Dear,” replied the crocodile, “I have a bosom friend, a monkey, by the name of Raktamukh, who is very affectionate towards me and gives me this fruit.”?

Hearing this, wife said, his wife said, “Someone who eats this nectareous fruit everyday, must also have a heart as sweet as nectar. Now, if you really love me then bring home his heart to me so that I can eat it, thereby, and enjoy life with you.”

The crocodile replied, “Darling! Please don’t talk like that! I now regard him as my brother and besides, he is very kind to me and gives me the fruit. So, how can I kill him? Give up your demand, for it is said say, ‘Brotherhood developed by way of conversation, Is reputed to be far superior to brotherhood that comes from having the same mother’.” The crocodile’s wife said, “You have never turned down any to my requests. So, I think this must be some female monkey whom you love and spend the whole day with. Now I understand you very well. You don’t even speak nicely to me now a days. Even don’t hug and kiss me as passionately as you used to either.

The crocodile fell down at her feet in great distress. Then he got up and, speaking lovingly to her, said, “Dearest! Why are you getting angry, with me, when I fail at your feet like a slave?”

When she heard him say this, the crocodile’s wife replied, with tears in her eyes, “You. are trying to fool me, but some other female lives in your heart. Why make fun of me by falling at my feet! And anyway, if she is not your beloved, why can’t you kill her, when I tell you to? If, on the other hand, it’s a male monkey, how could there be any attraction between you and him? What more is there for me to say. You don’t give that heart, then know for me then I shall starve myself to death.” When crocodile heard her resolution. He was very worried and said to himself, “Ah, how true it is what they say, ‘Glue, an idiot, a woman, a crab, A shark, indigo dye and a drunkard, Once they attach themselves to something they will never let go.’ “So, what shall I do! How shall I kill the monkey?” With these thoughts the crocodile went to see his friend. The monkey saw the crocodile arriving, looking very sad, he asked him, “Friend! Why are you late today? You don’t look cheerful.”

“Well,” replied the crocodile, “your sister gave me a vicious telling off today. She said, Don’t you show me your face again! Everyday you take advantage of this friend of hours, but not once have you brought him home and entertained him here! Now, unless you do so, I will see you in the next life!” So the time elapsed while I was arguing with her and I was delayed. So now, please come home with me.

“My friend,” replied the monkey, “my sister has spoken well, for they say, ‘There are six indications of friendship-Giving and receiving, Listening to and telling secrets, Entertaining and being entertained’.” “But I am a jungle dweller and you live in water. So, how could I possibly come to your home? It would be better if you brought my sister over here, so that I can bow to her and receive her blessings.”

“But, friend” replied the crocodile, “it is you who come to us! My house is on a very charming sandy bank, just across the creek, but you can ride on my back across the water: Come on, don’t be afraid!”

“My friend!” said the monkey delightedly, “If that’s the case, what are we waiting for? Hurry up! Look, l am already on your back!” and thus the monkey riding on his back, the crocodile entered the sea.

When the crocodile started swimming fast in deep water, the monkey got frightened and he said, “Brother! Please go very slowly. My body is getting drenched by the waves of the sea!”

Now the crocodile thought to himself, “He is entirely in my power in this deep water. He can’t even move. So, I will tell him my real purpose. He said to the monkey, “My dear fellow, I have brought you here to kill you, at the express request of my wife. So, you had better pray to your chosen deity!”

“Brother!” exclaimed the monkey. “What wrong have I ever done you or your wife that you should think of killing me?”

“She want to eat your heart,” said the crocodile. “She thinks it must be as sweet as nectar, because you eat nectareous fruit everyday. She says, it will save her from old age and death.”

“Friend,” said the monkey, “if that’s the case, why ever didn’t you tell me earlier, over at my place? You see, I always keep my heart in the hollow of the Jambu tree for safety. I would gladly have handed it over to you for my sister. If you are taking me to your home without my heart, then it is useless.” “On this the crocodile said, “I will take you back to the Jambu tree to get.”

The crocodile took the monkey back to the beach. On the way, the monkey kept murmuring prayers to the gods.

As soon as they reached the shore, the monkey sprang up the Jambu tree.

The crocodile said to him, “Friend! Hand me over your heart then, so that I can take it to my wife. She can eat it and give up her fast.”

The monkey laughed loudly and told, “Treacherous fool! How could anybody leave his heart behind? Get away from here and never come back again!

When the crocodile heard this, he was very embarrassed and thought, “What a fool I was to give away my secret! Now, if it is possible, I must try to re-establish his confidence in me.”

Thus he said, “My dear friend! I was only joking, to test you. What would your sister want with your heart? Now, come on be my guest. My wife must be anxiously waiting to meet you.”

Wicked devil!” said the monkey. “After this, I shall never come again. As the king of the frogs said, ‘What sin will a starving man not commit? Weak people become cruel, Madam! Please tell Priyadarshan, That Qangadatt will never again return to the well’.”

“How was that?” - asked the crocodile. On this, the monkey told this story. FROGS AND THE SNAKE

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