The Cobra and The Crow - Panchatantra Stories

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Somewhere in a forest, under a banyan tree, there lived a pair of crows. Whenever the female hatched her eggs, a black cobra would come out of the hollow of the tree, climb up, and eat them up.

“Nearby, under another banyan tree, there lived a jackal.

The crow told him everything. 'Friend,’ they said, the black cobra creeps out of the hollow of the tree and eats up my children. Tell us, what can we do to protect them? It’s become dangerous for us to live here.

‘Don’t give up hope,’ said the jackal, it’s a fact that an enemy can be destroyed by a trick. An ordinary fellow, if he’s cunnig, escapes being overpowered by the strongest of men. Perhaps you don’t know that a very greedy heron, who was feeding on fishes, was killed by a mere crab!

‘How was that?’ asked the crow. On this the jackal told this story. THE WICKED HERON

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