The Canterville Ghost: Short Questions & Answers

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*Why was the Ghost offended by Mrs. Otis’ behavior?

      Mrs. Otis said that the Ghost was laughing demoniacally because he was suffering from indigestion and offered him a tincture as cure. The Ghost was stunned to realize that she had an absolutely materialistic mind incapable of appreciating the significance of the supernatural. He was offended by the insensitivity of her character, which he dubbed as crass and vulgar.

*What did Mr. Hiram Otis consider impolite? Why did those he say this to, laugh?

      The twins had thrown pillows at the Ghost when he was speeding away from Mr. Otis after being presented with a lubricator. Mr. Otis said that this was very impolite, as the old and venerable Ghost had a reputation. The twins rightly took this as a joke and laughed out loud because they had no intention of being polite to the Ghost.

*When did the Ghost feel (a little humiliated at first’? Why?

      The Ghost felt a little humiliated when he secretly stole a bottle of Lubricator from Mr. Otis’ room for oiling his rusty chains and making them soundless when he walked. He did not want to disturb and wake up the Otis family members. He felt humiliated because he had a reputation of being a frightful and horrifying specter, and he was so afraid of these mere human beings that he had degraded himself to the status of a thief!

*Was the Ghost afraid of the twins? Why/Why not?

      The Ghost was definitely afraid of the twins. The two naughty boys made his existence miserable by harassing and troubling him with their mischievous tricks to such an extent that he was afraid even to step out on the corridor at night. If he just heard their footsteps, he fled in fear, for he could never guess what new trick they had in store for him, or how and when they were going to harass him.

*Why do you think Virginia was trembling when she reappeared?

      Virginia was trembling due to an after-shock. It was only after coming in contact with her family members and lover that she realized what a tremendous personal risk she had taken by accompanying the Ghost to the Garden of Death. She had gone to a place from where human beings do not come back!

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