The Blue Jackal Story - Panchatantra

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Somewhere in a jungle, there lived a jackal by the name of Chandarav. One day he was very hungry. He was unable to find food in jungle, so he went into the city to find food.

There, he was surrounded by dogs barking loudly. They set upon him and wounded him with their sharp teeth.

To save his skin, he ran into a dyer’s house, where a big vat of indigo dye was lying. He jumped in it to hide himself and consequently his whole body was dyed indigo - No longer he looked like a jackal.

When he came out, the dogs where unable to recognize him and terrified. They ran off in all directions.

The jackal himself went back to the jungle. The indigo dye would not come off. As it is said that glue an idiot, a woman, a crab, a shark, indigo dye and a drunkard.

Once they attack themselves to something, ‘they will never let go.’

Back in the jungle, when all the animals, the tigers, lions, elephants, wolves etc., saw the indigo-colored jackal, they ran away in terror and said to one another, Let’s run away for we don’t know the strength of his strange animal or what to expect of him, for they say, A man of intelligence who seeks his welfare, will never trust anyone whose character, family and strength he doesn’t know.

When the jackal saw the frightened animals, he ordered them to come back and said, Why are you running? Don’t be afraid. God has made me himself, with his own hands, and he said, “The animals have no king, so I have crowned you as a king, with the title, Kukudrum. Go to the earth and protect them.”

That’s why I’ve come here. Live in my kingdom, under my protection.

When all the animals heard this, they surrounded him and said, ‘Oh! Lord, we await your commands.’

Kukudrum assigned specific duties to all the animals, but he said, he would have nothing to do with jackals, and they were all chased away from jungle.

The lion and the tiger used to go out hunting and bring the prey before the jackal. He would then distribute it amongst the other animals. Thus, he began to discharge his kingly duties.

In this way, some time passed.

One day, Kukudrum heard in the distance the howl of a pack of jackals.

He was spellbound, his eyes filled with tears of joy, he stood up and began to howl. According to habit as he had not howled for a long.

When the lion and the other animals heard his howl, they realized that he was a jackal. Then they said, angrily to each other, ‘This despicable jackal has fooled us! We will kill him!’

When Kukudrum heard this, he tried to escape but was torn in pieces on the spot and was killed.

Moral of The Story “And so,” continued Damanak, “that’s why I said. He who sacks his own confidants and engages outsiders in their place, shall die like King Kukudrum.”

On this Pingalak asked, “But, what proof do you have in this case, that Sanjivak has evil designs for me?”

“Here is the proof,” said Damanak. “This morning he made a firm resolution in front of me to kill you. Now, tomorrow morning, when he visits you, his eyes will be red, his lips quivering and he will give you a malicious look. When you see this, do what you think best.”

After this damanak came to Sanjivak, bowed and stood humbly before him. When Sanjivak saw Damanak, he said, Welcome! Friend! you have visited me after many days. Are you well? Tell me what are your wishes.

“How can servants be well?” replied Damanak. “It is said that the poor, the sick fools, exiles, and servants who have to serve all their lives, All these, although living, are in reality, dead.”

“Please don’t talk in riddle said Sanjivak. “What are you trying to say?”

“Friend,” replied Damanka, “it’s wrong for a minister to expose his master’s secrets, but still, I will, in order to save your life. Pingalak has evil designs against you! Today he said to me in confidence, ‘Tomorrow I shall kill Sanjivak, invite all the animals to a feast and feed them on his flesh.’ I said to him, It is shameful to betray a friend in order to fill one’s own belly!’ On this he said to me, ‘You fool! Sanjivak is a grasseater and we are flesheaters. We are natural enemies. If we kill him, we are not at fault.’ When I understood that Pingalak was resolute, I came to you so that I shall not be guilty of betraying someone who trusts me. That’s why I have confided everything in you. Now do whatever you think better.”

Sanjivaka heard these words, he was dumbfounded. When he had recovered a little, he sighed deeply and said to Damanak, “Thank you for this information.

“Friend,” replied Damanak, “you shouldn’t be afraid. Even if some wicked fellow has made the master angry with you, he will nonetheless be appeased by your charming conversation.”

“My dear,” said Sanjivak, “that’s not true. It is impossible to live amongst wicked people, even insignificant ones, as it is said. ‘Wicked people, although they may be insignificance are mean-minded and live deceptively.

One way or another, they will cause your death, just as the jackal and the others did to the camel. “How was that?” hearing this enquired Damanak. Sanjivak told this story. THE UNFORTUNATE CAMEL

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