Paradise Lost Book 2: Line 866-870 - Explanation

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Line. 866-870: thou wilt bring.....without end

      When Sin had explained to Satan her history, and shown him in what relation Death stood to him, with whom he had desired to fight, Satan grew calm, and spoke them fair. He told them the mission on which he was bent, viz., the ruin of man in the new created universe, and promised to lead them thither, if they would permit him to get out of Hell. Sin rejoiced at the promise, and in these words bids him speed, so that he may bring her soon to that new world of bliss, where she supposes gods reside in ease; and she can hold sway with him sitting at his right hand.

      These lines show how Sin, like the other fallen angels, feels the misery and darkness of Hell, and how she pines to leave it for a happier and brighter world. But she is mistaken in the thought that the new world is inhabited by gods or angels with divine substance. In her ignorance she believes man to be an angel, this new race to be dwelling, like the fabled gods of Olympus, absolutely care-free, and in the enjoyment of pure bliss. She would have been true in her conception of mankind, if our 'frail original' had not succumbed to the wiles of Satan. And she hopes to sit 'voluptuous' at the right hand of Satan, just as the Son of God, sits at His right hand, and rule perpetually this new kingdom in rivalry to Heaven.

      Milton has woven into Sin's conception of the happiness of the material universe the Epicurean idea that the gods live careless of mankind.

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