Old Merchant, Young Wife and Thief - Panchatantra Stories

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Somewhere in a certain town, there lived an old merchant, his name was Kamatur. After the death of his wife, he became so love-sick that he gave a lot of money to another merchant, so that he could marry his young daughter. But his new wife was very unhappy and would not even look at her old husband.

One night, as the young wife was lying in bed with her face turned away from her husband, a thief silently entered into the house.

The girl was so terrified when she saw him that she turned and clasped her husband fervently.

The old man was delighted beyound words but thought to himself, ‘I wonder how it is that she is hugging me so tight.

He was peering cautiously about the room when he caught sight of the thief in the corner. After a while he realized that she was hugging him because she was afraid of the thief.

He cried out to the thief, ‘My benefactor! Thank you! This woman was avoiding me but today she is hugging me lovingly in her arms! My dear friend take away whatever you want!’

Hearing this the thief replied with great pleasure. ‘Well’ ‘I can’t see anything here worth stealing at the moment but I’ll come back some other time to try my luck and to oblige you also, in case your wife does not continue to behave lovingly towards you.

Moral of The Story “And so,” continued Deeptaksh, “that’s why I said, ‘even a thief proved beneficial to an old man.’ So why shouldn’t this crow, who is seeking protection, be beneficial to us? The other crows have treated him badly, so he will certainly tell us their weak points. When Arimaradan had heard Deeptash’s advice, he turned to Vakranas and said to him, “My good adviser, what would you suggest under the circumstances?”

“My Lord,” he replied “this crow should not be killed, for they say. ‘If discord arises between your enemies. You stand to benefit - In the same way, the thief and the Rakshas quarreled but the Brahmin saved his life and his calves as well’.”

“How was that?” asked Arimaradan. On this Vakranas told this story. THE STORY OF DRONA

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