Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Contribution as American Poet

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      Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919-2021) was born in New York and raise initially in France and educated at the University of North Carolina,  Columbia University and Sorbonne. He was a leading figure of the Beats in the 1950s. With Peter Martin he founded The City Lights bookstore in San Francisco. He published the poems of Corso. Levertov and Ginsberg. He is strictly critical of the American government in addition to being experimental and anarchistic improvisatory in the vein of Ginsberg’s oral performance. Ferlinghetti’s best known collections of poems are - Pictures of the Gone World (1955), The Secret Meaning of Things (1969), Landscapes of Living and the Dying (1979), Endless Life (1981), Spirit of the Crusades (1991), San Francisco Poems (2001) and many more, etc. He also published prose and two novels, set in France.

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