The King and The Foolish Monkey - Panchatantra Stories

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Somewhere in a country a certain king has a pet monkey. He was allowed to enter the kings palace, even when other confidential servants were forbidden to.

One day the king was fast asleep and the monkey was fanning him. Suddenly, a fly came and sat on the king’s chest. The monkey drove her away with the fan, but the fly kept coming back to the same place.

On this, the foolish monkey got excited, picked up a sword and hit at the fly with it. The fly flew away but the king was severely wounded in the chest and died as a result.

Moral of The Story “And thus,” continued Karatak, “the king who wants to live a long life, should not engage stupid servants.” And now, I tell you this story.

Karatak went on and Damanak heard. THE THIEF AND THE BRAHMIN

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