Gulliver's Travels: Part 4, Chapter 8 - Summary

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      The author ventures to go near the Yahoos to explore his true nature. He would often remove some of his clothes to show them that he was one of them. All this he would do only in the presence of his protector. He recounts an incident when he had caught a Yahoo child of three years, but had to immediately let him go as the child had begun to squeal and scratch the author, he even voided his excrement all over the author’s clothes. The author further points at the strong physique but cowardly spirit of the Yahoos. He also provides an Account of their ways of living and survival. Then he turns his focus on the virtues of the Houyhnhnms. The reason and wisdom of these virtuous creatures have taught them to value knowledge. The author admires the two principal virtues of the Houyhnhnms, friendship and benevolence. Further, he pens down details of the marital life of the Houyhnhnms in an admiring manner. He also narrates the criteria of choosing a would-be groom or a bridegroom by the parents of an adult Houyhnhnms.

      Next, the author describes the manner in which the young colts and foals are educated.

      The chapter ends with detailed information about the general assembly that takes place every fourth year at Vernal Equinox. This assembly is attended by all the representatives of the whole nation. The assembly is held to discuss the state and condition of all the districts. The regulation of the children is also settled during these assemblies where the decision is taken to provide a child to such a couple whose one child has died due to some casualty and the mother is past bearing. In such a situation, another couple is instructed to breed another to cover up the loss.

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