Gulliver's Travels: Part 3, Chapter 9 - Summary

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      The author takes leave from his Highness of Glubbdubdrib and sails to the seaport town of Luggnagg. He is strictly examined by the custom officer. The author gives him a false account of being a Hollander since he knows that the Hollanders are the only Europeans allowed to enter Japan, where the author intends to go via this kingdom. The author is treated well but kept under confinement for a fortnight till the officer receives orders from the court. The author is then asked to meet his Highness. He is also informed about the custom according to which each admittance is required to crawl on his belly and lick the floor as he advances till he reaches to the footstool of the king. Here, the author tells about one more custom that is practiced to put to death a noble whom the king wants to punish. Poison is strewn on the floor along with a lot of mud, the noble who is to be killed is made to crawl on the poisonous floor, and the poison when licked, kills him within twenty-four hours. The author creeps within four yards of the throne and rising gently upon his knees, strikes his head seven times against the ground and speaks certain words in praise of his Highness. The king asks many questions that the author answers with the help of his interpreter. The king is delighted by the author’s company, and orders his high chamberlain to appoint a lodging in the court for the author and the interpreter with a large purse of gold for his daily expenses.

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