Gulliver's Travels: Part 3, Chapter 11 - Summary

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      The author departs from Luggnagg with a letter of recommendation, four hundred and forty-four large pieces of gold and a red diamond, given to him by the king. At the seaport of Japan, the author shows the letter of the king of Luggnagg to the custom house officers. They provide him with a carriage and servants to reach Vedo, where the letter is explained to the Emperor by an interpreter. The author requests the Emperor to give orders to excuse him from the ceremony of trampling upon the crucifix. The Emperor grants his wish to gratify the king of Luggnagg. The author then arrives at Nangasac after a very long journey. Soon he falls into the company of some Dutch sailors to whom he gives a false account of his Dutch background. During his journey, he skilfully avoids: the questions related to the trampling upon the crucifix. During the journey, a cunning seaman points at the author and tells his officer that he had not yet trampled on the crucifix, but the other, who has received instructions to let him pass, punish that seaman with twenty strokes with a bamboo stick. The author is no more troubled and he reaches Amsterdam without any further disturbance, whence, he boards a small ship that is going to England. After reaching Redriff he goes straight to his house where he finds his wife and family in good health.

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