Gary Snyder: Contribution as American Poet

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      Gary Snyder (1930) was born in San Francisco. He educated at Reed College, the University of Indiana and the University of California at Berkeley. In San Francisco, he met John Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and other Beats. Like them, he rejected mainstream American values and experimented with the spoken language and open forms. His work bears the influence of the imagists like, Pound and Yeats and of Buddhism which he studied in Asia for twelve years.

      Snyder, first book Riprap (1959) has been followed by Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems (1965), A Range of Poems (1966), The Back Country (1968), and Regarding Wave (1969). Turtle Island (1974) won him the Pulitzer Prize. His later works are - Axe Handles (1983) Left Out In the Rain: New Poems 1947-84 (1986) The Practice of the Wild (1990), and a selection, No Nature (1992). His poetry criticizes mechanization, alienation, and environmental degradation, associated with western culture. Mountains and Rivers without End (1965) is a sequence of poems inspired by East Asian landscape painting.

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