Elizabeth Ashbridge: Contribution to American Literature

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      Elizabeth Ashbridge (1713-1755), about whom little is known, published Some Account of the Fore Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge... written by her Own Hands Many Years Ago in 1755. Some discovered that her master whom she was taken to be a ‘religious man’ turned into a ‘cruel hypocrite. Buying her own freedom, she married a man who is in love with her for dancing. When she embraced the Quaker religion, her dancing was stopped. Her conservative husband began to beat her in anger. His beatings ended only with his death. Then, she was able to marry again someone who shared her faith. The faith and conversion were described in a journal kept by another sympathetic quaker writer, John Woolman. Her life is full of joys and sufferings as she struggled through life, fighting for the equal treatment of women in American society of her times.

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