Ed Dorn: Contribution as American Poet

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      Ed Dorn (1929-1999) was in Villa Grove, Illinois. During the Great Depression, sympathy for the dispossessed and affection for the mythology for the wild west pervade, his poems. He was educated at University of Illinois and Black Mountain College where he studied with Charles Olson and Robert Creeley and taught at Idaho State University North-eastern University and from 1977, the University of Colorado. His important collections are - The Newly Fallen (1961) and Hands Up! (1964) were followed by the Geography (1965) and From Gloucester Out (1964) written in the town which Olson made famous.

      Dorn, responded to Olson’s theory of projective verse in explicitly political terms. What I see in the Maximus Poems (1961), is his critical study of Olson’s poetry. He established friendships with J.H.H. Prynne, Tom Raworth and Donald Davie. His later collections ave - Twenty-Four Love Songs (1967), Songs Set II (1970) The Cycle (1971), Recollection of Gran Apacheria (1974), Hello La Jolla (1978), and Yellow Lola (1981), Selected Poems (1978), Views (1980), Abhorrences (1990), and High West Rendezvous (1997), Way West: Stories, Essays and Verse Accounts 1963-93 (1993). Gunslinger (1968-1972) is his anti-epic of American capitalism and also wrote a novel By the Sound (1991).

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