David Mamet: Contribution as American Playwright

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      David Mamet (1947), was playwright, screenwriter and Him director. Born in Flossmoor, Illinois, he was educated at Goddaij College. He first attracted attention with one actors such as in Duck Variations (1972) and Sexual Perversity in Chicago (1974). He made his name with Broadway production of American Buffalo - a witty but scathing attack on the decline on American values from the perceptive of a Vietnam veteran.

      Like all his works, it offers a minimum plot; subtle character development emerges in its read Other early works are - A Life in the Theatre (1977), Edmond (1982), The Water Brtgine (1984), Glengarry Glen Ross in 1984. More recent plays are - Speed-the-Plow (1988), The Cryptogram (1994), An Interview (1995) and The Old Neighborhood (1995) and The Boston Marrage (1999) a departure from Mamet with its turm-of the century setting and an all-female cast. In 1980s, he devoted himself to the film writing, directing and adaption of Chekov and the prose works such as Writing in Restaurants (1986) and True and False (1997) - The American Academy awarded with Award of Merit Medal in 1993 for his outstanding dramatic work.

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