Abigail Adams: Author & The Wife of John Adams

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      Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, raises the serious issues of freedom and equality for women. She urged her husband and his colleagues as they passed new laws of the nations to be more generous and favorable, to women than their ‘ancestors’ had been. Her husband replied that he could not choose but laugh at her extraordinary Codes of Laws’. The laws excluded women though it was said in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ that ‘all men are equal.’ Implicitly, it excluded the Indians and the Negroes. The statement meant only white men. Through letters and writings, she kept her husband alert about the happenings. The literature of the revolutionary period includes not only the visionary rhetoric and rational arguments of those men by and for whom the laws of the new republic were primarily framed, But the writings of some writers, as they felt, are excluded. Abigail was kind of nagging wife to the president John Adams who was forced to acknowledge the political and social turmoil of the times.

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