Gulliver's Travels: Part 3, Chapter 1 - Summary

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      Gulliver, who had not spent more than ten days at home after coming back from his last ! adventure, is given a tempting offer by Captain William Robinson, who was an old acquaintance of his and always treated him more like a brother than an inferior officer. Gulliver readily accepts his offer to be a senior surgeon on his ship, and to get the consent of his wife, persuades her about better prospects for the children. The ship reaches Fort St. George in about eight months and stays there for three weeks. From there it sails to Tonquin where the captain buys a sloop, loads it with several sorts of goods, along with fourteen men, and he cedes the sloop to Gulliver, appointing him as their master while he himself stays back at Tonquin to get his order completed. The sloop had not sailed above three days when a violent storm drives it to the north-northeast and then to the east where it is attacked and captured by pirates. One of the pirates is a Dutchman who tries to persuade his commanders to kill Gulliver and his crew but after having a word with Gulliver, the Japanese Captain who is the seniormost pirate, decides to spare the lives of Gulliver and all his crew members. Gulliver is set free in the vast ocean in a small boat with provision sufficient for four days. Gulliver uses this provision in a very economical way by roasting and eating bird eggs that he finds on different islands. At last he is astonished to find a flying island with people fishing on it. In the hope of getting assistance, He shouts and tries to converse with the people on the island, and finally, he is drawn up to the flying island by pulleys.

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