Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 1 - Summary

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      Spending only two months with his family, Gulliver’s voyage loving spirit again dragged him to the sea on a ship bound for Surat in India. The name of the ship was Adventure’ and the name of the captain was John Nicholas. The ship set sail on June 20, 1702 and anchored at Cape of Good Hope till March as the Captain fell sick of an ague. After resuming their journey they passed Madagascar and sailed northward of that island when a strong wind began to blow that swept them more westerly than usual. The ship weathered fierce storms and other challenges for weeks. Finally, on 16 June, 1703, a boy on the topmast spotted land, where a boat was sent to search fresh drinking water. Gulliver too joined the boatmen to take a round of that land. While he was walking back to his boat, he saw that the boatmen were rowing the boat hurriedly, leaving him behind, as a monstrous man was chasing their boat with giant strides. Stranded on the land Gulliver entered a field of corn where the grass was twenty feet high and climbing steps were six feet high. Gulliver saw seven men there who were as tall as spire-steeple. Gulliver tried his best to hide himself but finally he was caught by one of them. The man who caught him took him to his master who was a substantial farmer. Gulliver impressed the master and his servants with his humility and gentle ways. The farmer took him to his home where his wife after overcoming her initial fright behaved very tenderly towards Gulliver. Gulliver had dinner with the family and was made to sleep on giant bed of the farmer’s wife where he Idlled a giant rat with his hanger and scared away another. The former’s wife rejoiced to see Gulliver safe when she came to her room. Gulliver managed to make the woman understand about the pressure of his natural necessity; The woman took him to the garden where he relieved himself.

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