Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 5 - Summary

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      The author has depicted several adventures in this chapter. While some of them are quite hilarious to read, the others are fearsome. The dwarf, his perpetual enemy, shook an apple tree right over Gulliver's head which made many Bristol Barrel-sized apples fall on the author. The dwarf was not punished on the request of the author. Another day, the author was hit by a hailstorm where the size of each hail was not less than a tennis ball. The author got seriously bruised by that shower of hails. In another incident the author was picked up by a spaniel of the gardener but was dropped unharmed before the gardener. The author who was always eager to show his bravery knocked down a linnet, who was of the size of a swan, with his cudgel and took it in triumph to his little nurse. The bird who was not unconscious but a little stunned gave the author many boxes. Later the bird was killed and cooked for the author's dinner. The maids of honor also invited him frequently to see and touch him. The author was also invited to see an execution where the head of the culprit was cut off in one stroke. The queen who had heard a lot from Gulliver of his navigation skills, arranged a large trough foil of water with a newly carved boat to see the navigation skills of Gulliver. Gulliver impressed all with his navigation skills but faced life-threatening dangers twice. For Gulliver, the scariest incident happened when a monkey picked him from his box and leaped to the highest building with him. At the end of the chapter Gulliver describes a very funny incident when he jumped short and fell into the middle of a cow dung heap up to his knees. He was wiped clean by one of the footmen. This incident was passed on to the court and became the topic of laughter for several days. Besides elaborating his adventures, Gulliver has also made grave efforts to make the reader feel his helplessness in guarding his self-respect and dignity which was frequently tarnished by remarks of these giant creatures, though made without malice.

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