The Rape of The Lock: Lines 767-772 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines; 767-772. But trust the.....trial of hair

      Summary: Having referred to the belief in some quarters that Belinda's ravished lock mounted to the moon where all the earth's rubbish is sent, Pope now indicates its true whereabouts. The Muse of poetry saw it going upwards, though none other than poetic eyes observed it. It was thus that Romulus, the founder of the great Roman Empire, was caught up in heaven and the fact was directly revealed to Proculus only. The lock had suddenly shot across the liquid air in the form of a star resembling a comet.

      Critical Analysis: In this passage, Pope has eloquently compared Belinda's raped lock with a comet that shoots in the sky. The poet makes this point clear with his remarkable wit and intellect. He lays a parallel of the lock of the hair with the discovery of Rome by Romulus. The poetic eyes stands as witness to the lock of the hair that streaked like a comet in the sky, which is similar to the Roman senator who was the sole witness of Romulous' discovery. Thus, Pope in his mock-heroic style portrays the vanished lock as significant in a tongue-and-check manner.

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