The Rape of The Lock: Lines 529-532 - Summary & Analysis

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Lines: 529-532. On various tempers.....a fit to pray.

      Summary: The mischievous gnome Umbriel has reached the dark cave of the Goddess of Spleen. He pays his compliments to the goddess and praises her for creating all the moods of melancholy, morbidness, and tendencies to whimsicality and fantasies. He says that due to her influence people are prone to losing their normalcy of mind; that women fall into hysteric fits and men indulge in writing worthless poetry. In fact, her effect is such that women take to drugs to relieve their mental depression, while some men take to scribbling worthless plays. It is due to her that some women become vain and boastful and pay no heed to their social duty of calling upon the newcomers to their locality. These proud women intentionally delay their visit to show how important they are. They also pretend to be pious.

      Critical Analysis: Again these lines are full of satirical observations. He is clearly sarcastic towards such people who turn neurotic due to their own folly and entertain strange fancies. His sling at worthless poets and dull dramatists is also very sharp and amusing.

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