The Eve of St. Agnes: Stanza 35 - Summary

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“Ah, Porphyro!” said she, “but even now
“Thy voice was at sweet tremble in mine ear,
“Made tuneable with every sweetest vow;
“And those sad eyes were spiritual and clear:
“How chang’d thou art! how pallid, chill, and drear!
“Give me that voice again, my Porphyro,
“Those looks immortal, those complainings dear!
“Oh leave me not in this eternal woe,
“For if thou diest, my Love, I know not where to go.”


      Madeline said that only a little while ago she saw Porphyro in her dream and listened to his sweet voice vibrating in her ears with solemn oaths and promises of everlasting constancy and devotion. In her dream his eyes had looked bright and shining with the light of holy love while now he was quite changed, looking so pale, sad, cold and lifeless. She appealed to him to speak again in that vibrating voice, to look at there with those very bright and glorious eyes, and make love to her again in those solemn and sincere tones. She entreated him not to leave her alone to suffer everlasting sorrow because if he died she would not know where to go and what to do. (The pale, cold and lifeless face of Porphyro filled Madeline with an apprehension that he might die and so she said that his death would mean everlasting grief for her).

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