The Comedy of Errors: Act 4, Scene 3 - Summary

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      In the marketplace, S. Antipholus observes how everyone in the town seems to know him some-how. S. Dromio then arrives to hand him the money - but S. Antipholus objects that he had asked him for no money S. Dromio inquires about the officer and where he might have gone, but S. Antipholus fails to understand.

      S. Antipholus then asks whether they might soon depart by sea, and S. Dromio points out that he told Antipholus earlier of a ship, but Antipholus had expressed no interest, so they had missed it.

      The Courtesan then arrives, greets Antipholus by name, and asks whether the chain he holds is the one that he had promised her earlier. S. Antipholus and S. Dromio alike then both wonder if the Courtesan is perhaps the devil, in the form of a "light wench." S. Antipholus calls her a sorceress and tells her to leave, but she only demands the ring of hers that Antipholus had worn at dinner. At last certain that the Courtesan is some sort of witch, S. Antipholus and S. Dromio flee. The Courtesan, thinking Antipholus must be insane, resolves to go to his house and tell Adriana that he had stolen her ring, as the Courtesan does not wish to lose it.

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