The Comedy of Errors: Act 3, Scene 1 - Summary

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      Antipholus of Ephesus is leading E. Dromio, Angelo, and Balthazar to his home, where he intends to gain favor with the two businessmen by entertaining them at dinner. On the way, E. Antipholus mentions that his wife is 'shrewish' whenever he is late and that Angelo, the goldsmith, should assert that he was busy buying something for her. He also mentions that E. Dromio could ruin his story, as E. Dromio claimed to have met him in the marketplace earlier. Indeed, E. Dromio confirms that he received a beating at Antipholus's hand.

      When they arrive at the home of E. Antipholus, E. Dromio calls out to gain them entry, only to hear S. Dromio respond rudely, turning them away. S. Dromio declares that Dromio is his name and that he is the porter, and E. Dromio asserts that his office has been stolen by a counterfeit who is using his name. Luce, the cook, then appears above and also speaks rudely to E. Dromio, as she believes that everyone belonging to the household is already inside. Adriana appears to speak with Luce and hear E. Antipholus call her his wife - but she cannot see him and also believes him to be an impostor, as S. Antipholus is inside.

      When the women return inside the house, E. Antipholus declares that he will use force, if necessary to gain entry, asking E. Dromio to fetch him a crowbar. However, Balthazar interrupts to suggest that he refrain from resorting to force, as such an act could ruin his reputation Balthazar notes that his wife certainly has some reason or another for keeping him out, and he should return later to hear her explanation.

      E. Antipholus concedes and declares that they will go to the Porpentine - and out of spite Antipholus will give the Courtesan there the chain that he had planned to give to his wife.

      As they exit, Angelo parts from them to get the chain.

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