Mrs. Dalloway: Chapter 13 - Summary

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Peter Walsh receives a Letter from Mrs. Dalloway and decides to attend Her Party.

      The sight of an ambulance makes Peter Walsh morbid and sentimental. He wants to weep because Clarissa was haunting his thought. He recalls numerous rides on the top of buses with Clarissa through the streets of London. Clarissa has influenced him more than anybody in his life. Sometimes he sees her cool, lady-like, critical, at other times romantic, bewitching etc. He also remembers his walk with Clarissa at Bourton. With these thoughts, Peter reaches his hotel. He is given few fetters by a young lady. One of them was from Clarissa inviting him to the party. ‘How heavenly it was to see him’ she must tell him that, it upsets him and he wishes her not to write like that. Why she does not let him be. After all, she is living in perfect happiness with Richard Dalloway. Now, his mind transfers over to Daisy with whom there would be no fuss, no tension; it would be a plain-sailing.

      Peter thinks that Daisy is an adorably beautiful lady but immediately something serious follows his thought. He thinks that Daisy is just twenty-four and he is fifty. She will have to be a widow for years if he would marry her. But he keeps everything aside. Daisy must take her own decision about marrying him. Thus surrounded by Daisy’s thoughts that she is violently in love with him and ready to do anything for him Peter dined in the common room of the hotel. He talks with Mr. and Mrs. Morris. This evening is very pleasant “like a woman who had slipped off her pink dress and white apron to array herself in blue, the day changed, put off stuff, took gauze, changed to evening.” Peter decides to attend Clarissa’s party.

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