Untouchable: Scene 7 - More Humiliation & Insult

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      Bakha asks Sohini to go home. She is tortured and mentally shattered. She goes away silently, she veils her face with her saree. Bakha wanders in search of food. Because he has to collect today’s bread. Otherwise they will have to sleep without bread. He begs his daily bread because his meagre earning can’t meet the requirements of daily bread.

      Bakha wanders from door to door with scant hope in his eyes. He goes through more polluted streets and lanes, quite narrow unhygienic and unfit for healthy living. He is depressed, frustrated, humiliated, condemned and tortured. His suffering is the outcome of thousands of years of exploitation of the lower caste Hindus by the Brahmins. This is the most tragic chapter of human history.

      He begged and voiced his demand, “Bread for the sweeper; mother.” It is a heart rending scene. A woman hurdles abuses on him because he sat at her doorstep. She scolds him harshly He moves to next door. As he moves on, a woman from roof top throws bread to him. He fails to catch them. Soon he collect them from damp and dirty brick pavement and sets for home. He does not go to collect more food for the day Fury burn within. All the concentrated anger of the morning was tormenting his soul. A fresh insult added his grief He felt that his veins are running short of blood and shrinking to perish. He is desperately yearning to get rid of these tormenting memories. But it is not possible; They have become an indistinguishable part of his life. He should not have picked the bread. But he had no alternative.

Trapped Between Emotion and Anguish

      He feels excessively hungry as if he would eat carrion to subside his hunger. He looks dishevelled and enervated. He is going home with sagging limbs and perspiring top to bottom. He broods the bread under his arm is not sufficient. Lakha will ask for bread because Sohini did not go out to collect.

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