The Return of The Native: Book 1, Chapter 8 - Summary & Analysis

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The Boy Overheard the Talk

      The little boy who was feeding the fire felt frightened on his way home, of some unusual feary sounds and things. So, he returned to Eustacia's house, wanting to request her to send a servant to accompany him home. However, he spotted Eustacia talking to Wildeve, and after over-hearing for a few minutes, decided not to interrupt them and headed on to his way home.

The Reddleman Received Vital Information

      When the boy was on his way home he met the reddleman whose unforeseen appearance frightened him. The reddleman stopped the boy and through his inquiries learned about Eustacia's conversation with Wildeve. The reddleman then understood that Wildeve had not married Thomasin because he loved another woman.

Critical Analysis

      The plot now, is moving forward in such a way that the readers are getting a grip of the story. The reddleman possesses some vital informations about Wildeve's love affair and his failure to have married Thomasin.

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