The Return of The Native: Book 2, Chapter 5 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER V: Through the Moonlight


Eustacia's Acting as a Mummer

      The following evening, Eustacia took part in the rehearsal in the fuel house, disguised as a boy. She told the others that she is a substitute for Charley who would be unable to play his part in the play for some reason. Nobody could make out Eustacia to be a girl and so accepted her in the play. After the rehearsal, all the mummers headed towards Mrs. Yeobright's house to perform the play and by then few of the mummers had already guessed the Turkish Knight to be a woman. Eustacia agreed to their inquiries that she was a woman but she bound them to secrecy. In the play, Eustacia performed her role quite ably and when her part was over she started looking for the man she had come to see by surveying the scene around.

Critical Analysis

      In this chapter, we just find the play has been performed and we feel impressed to see Eustacia's self-confidence, boldness and daring nature. Even though her disguise is about to get revealed she does not lose her nerve and performs her role competently.

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